Top 5 Karaoke Spots in Las Vegas

What’s a crab boil without karaoke? Is 168 Crab & Karaoke a good option for crab lovers? Read on to find out. 168 Crab & Karaoke in Chicago has it all – seafood boils, private rooms, karaoke – and a karaoke room. However, I didn’t think the karaoke service was up to par.

On the Wednesday episode of “James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke,” the rap star was one of the stars. Minaj was sassy as usual, singing the hit track “Monster” and defending Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock. She also shared her opinion on the Oscars controversy, saying she thinks the Oscars team made a mistake calling out Jada Pinkett-Smith’s shaved head. The rap star also admitted that she’s prone to anxiety and has a difficult time adjusting to being a celebrity.

In a recent episode of “Carpool Karaoke,” Bruno Mars and James Corden sang the hit song “24K Magic.” After the audience applauded their performance, James noticed that Mars was wearing a silk hat. When asked why he wears hats, Mars told Corden that he wears them because he doesn’t know what to do with his hair. Mars also tried on several silly hats for Corden. While he was singing, Mars also reprised his childhood Elvis impersonation.

Both James Corden and Bruno Mars have become popular thanks to their dazzling talent and charisma. Whether it’s singing in their seatbelts or making out in the backseat, the duo has the skills and the charisma to get any crowd going. Their first carpool karaoke segment is over seven million views on YouTube, so fans are encouraged to watch the video and SHARE it with their friends!

When a date night with Kelly Clarkson seems unlikely, the hosts of James Corden and Late Night turned it into a fun musical event. The two singers jammed to some of Clarkson’s new music and tried to teach Corden how to do smooth body rolls. In a twist, the pair channeled their inner moms and sang a nursery rhyme together. In addition to singing, the duo talked about the latest controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton and the firestorm involving the NBC News anchor Matt Lauer.

James Corden’s recent appearance on “Carpool Karaoke” featured Kelly Clarkson. Although the singer’s husband Brandon Blackstock was not romantic, the duo appeared to enjoy the ride together. They sang several songs and showed off the singer’s voice in the process. Apparently, Corden is a fan of Clarkson’s music and thinks she should have a date night with her husband, too.

As a true fan of music, Kelly Clarkson is the perfect guest for this Carpool Karaoke episode. The two sang a number of popular songs, from Adele to Taylor Swift, and the pair even discussed the philosopher Nietzsche. The episode also features an unexpected appearance from Clarkson’s husband, Brandon Blackstock. It’s sure to make you laugh! Make sure to tune in and watch the video below!

“Carpool Karaoke with Kelly Clarkson” is back on the way. Clarkson and James Corden hit a cappella versions of “Since U Been Gone,” while also discussing the book “Stronger” by Hillary Clinton. And while the two singers harmonized on “Stronger,” James Carden seemed to be dozing off in the car.

가라오케시스템 After a series of successful Carpool Karaoke episodes, Usher has finally made the move to his own show! The singer joined James Corden on the show and sang along with a handful of other artists, including Lil Jon, Ludacris, and Juicy J. You can watch the full clip below. If you want to sing along too, click the link below to download the song.

Whether or not the two men will carpool together is up to them, but the show is definitely worth the watch! Usher rode shotgun in the car, while Corden handled the rap from Ludacris. The segment is not over yet, but we can definitely expect more Carpool Karaoke episodes in the near future! The two rappers were in Los Angeles recently, where they picked up Meek Mill and his bandmates. The two artists were then able to show off their moves, and the results were hilarious.

In the new Carpool Karaoke episode, Usher taught James Corden dance moves, from popping bottles in the club to losing showtuney “fosse” hands. The two men also spotted Usher’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star and walked it with him! James then teased a new episode, and Usher sounded as if he had a karaoke session to promote his new album.

While it was a fun segment, the segment has become increasingly gimmicky. James Corden has strayed away from the original Carpool Karaoke appeal and replaced the spontaneous sing-along vibe with scripted out-of-car interludes that only add to the artificiality. However, Usher and Corden did manage to make the experience even more entertaining by showing off their singing voices.

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